School Author Visits! Looking for an amazing, inspiring, affordable public speaker for your next event? Ryan Hipp offers a range of support from elementary school assemblies, teen writing workshops, educator conference lectures, and dynamic live webcasts.

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Ryan Hipp's Kickstarter

You Can Support Ryan Hipp’s New Book ‘Little Steps’

Want to support a really cool book and earn some really cool incentives for doing so? Check out my KICKSTARTER.COM PLEDGE DRIVE for my newest book LITTLE STEPS. The campaign is happening right now and the clock is ticking. I only have 50 days to raise the funds needed. Check out the awesome incentives and […]


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Win original Artwork by Ryan Hipp

Win an Original Painting by Ryan Hipp!

*THIS CONTEST ENDED in 2012* Win an original work of art by Ryan. Enter using the widget below. Enter many times by sharing in different ways for more chances to win:   Details: The painting will be a one-of-a-kind original of the Artist’s discretion; but the winner will have input of up to three (3) […]

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